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Services include access to our telehealth/telemedicine portal:

**This services only available after 90 day membership

  • Health Care Pulse E-Magazine monthly subscription

  • Prevention and Wellness unlimited screening at our wellness workshops

  • Wellness Electronic Medical Records (WMR)

  • 8 Nurses (CTP) and 1 doctor consultation (by appointment) via Telehealth/Telemedicine portal. **

  • 8 Access to our wellness live webinars

  • Pod cast recordings of our wellness workshops

  • Telehealth Devices including installation and technical support ( MD orders/or insurance may apply)

  • 8 annual access to our Fitness Training class

  • Kiosk Card and Access or Individual Home Units

* Devices include Blood Pressure Machine, Scale, Pulse Ox, Glucose Machine ( strips cost not included) credit card deposit for devices required and returned once equipment is returned.

Certified Telehealth Professionals (CTP)

The price for membership is $60.00 now and then $60.00 per Month.

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